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Nine found open wireless group for shared Wi-Fi resources

Why we need an open wireless movement

Why we need an open wireless movement (Photo credit: opensourceway)

New project promotes shared open Wi-Fi with tips and how-to’s

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /San Francisco/ +++ A new open wireless group has been formed that will open up the airwaves to shared Wi-Fi resources.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and a coalition of nine groups has launched the ‘Open Wireless Movement’, a new project to promote a landscape of shared, wireless Internet. Continue reading


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Hearing to probe cellular data legal status

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...

A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA.

Foundation fights for cellular phone users’ privacy in Tuesday hearing

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ The Electronic Frontier Foundation will urge a federal appeals court on Tuesday to recognize cellular phone users’ privacy rights and require that the government obtain a warrant before collecting cell phone location information.

According to the Foundation, the oral argument is set for 9 a.m. on October 2nd in New Orleans.

At issue in Tuesday’s hearing are government requests for judicial orders authorizing the disclosure of 60 days of location data from two separate cell phone companies as part of a routine law enforcement investigation. Continue reading

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Software AG acquires Terracotta in Java cloud move

Monument of Hermann in Teutoburg Forest, Germany

German company takes control of foreign firm to acquire cloud and memory assets

In-memory and cloud to enable high-performance Java applications for cloud services

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ /Frankfurt, Germany/ +++ The German software firm Software AG has just acquired Silicon Valley innovator Terracotta’s portfolio of products and services which the German firm said will form the foundation of its new in-memory and cloud offerings.

According to Frankfurt-Germany-based Software AG, the combined portfolio will increase revenue with existing customers and expand opportunities with new enterprise customers.

The German software giant added that it would also gain access to Terracotta’s large open source community.

The firm also stated that the acquisition would also enable it to offercloud and to increase performance and scalability of its business process platform.

Continue reading

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RFID hacked: TV station finds chips are toast

RFID chip pulled from new credit card

RFID chip pulled from a credit card

Television group reveals serious security flaws with RFID-equipped credit and debit cards

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ A consumer television report into the insecurity of radio frequency ID – or so-called ‘RFID’ -equipped credit and debit card chips has shocked the security industry.

One vendor, SecurEnvoy said the apparent ease with which RFID has been hacked to create a `magic wand’. With the ability for anyone to effectively read RFID cards at a distance clearly demonstrates that RFID is no longers fit for purpose, observers say. Continue reading

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British website speeds trounce Europeans in mobile retail report

Internet mobile and cloud monitoring firm tracks best and worst in wireless retailing performances

Image representing Keynote Systems as depicted...
Mobile retailers across Europe performing vastly differently

ECM Plus – Monitoring firm Keynote says that mobile website performance of 17 of the top retailers across five countries shows widely varied perfomances.

According to the firm, consumers are looking to their mobile handsets as their first port of call when making an online purchase, while retailers, it says, are investing heavily in making sure that their mobile offerings meet this new demand. Continue reading

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NEWS: Momac proffers portal for mobile cloud

Image representing mvolve as depicted in Crunc...

mvolve does the cloud via Momac portal

mvolve cloud-based platform for mobile netops


ECM Plus – Moma has launched mvolve, its cloud-based platform designed to manage consumer interfaces for mobile operators.

Momac said the mvolve platform enables mobile operators to manage both mobile internet portals and applications from a single, cloud-based interface. Continue reading

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CellStrat’s Mobile App Conclave expo heralds monetization

Solar Eclipse, New Delhi

Image by *Santosh via Flickr

CellStrat Announces Mobile Apps Conclave on January 21, 2011 in New Delhi

ECM Plus – Mobile Apps Conclave, the conference organised by CellStrat is this Friday 21st January at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India.

Mobile Apps, App Stores and the Mobile Internet – the new technology phenomenon. An App for this, an App for that. You name the task – there is an App for that. The Mobile Internet has arrived and arrived big time, riding the bandwagon of Mobile Apps. iPhone revolutionized the concept of App Stores and now all major Tech behemoths have picked up on that theme. Whether it is business, marketing, entertainment, customer care or literally anything else, everything and everybody has an App for that, or is working on creating one).

App Economy is the new Economy. People, Institutions, Companies, Media – all are consuming Apps, developing Apps or orchestrating Apps. Social Networks are getting appified, Businesses need App Marketing, Agencies are using Apps for Audience Engagement, People are living their lives on Apps. It is all about Mobile Apps, App Stores and the new face of the Global Internet – The Mobile Web. The most ubiquitous and personal Digital Channel of all times – the Mobile Device has unleashed the next wave of creative evolution – the Business of Apps and App Stores.

First keynote will be delivered by Sanjay Swamy, the head – of Mobile Strategy, UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) – Govt of India. UID is one of the most ambitious initiatives by the Govt of India. Sanjay will talk about the new opportunities in Mobile Space related to the UID initiative.

There is a panel on the theme of “Apps Everywhere : Apps as Engagement, Media and Commerce Platforms”. This panel will discuss the upcoming Mobile App revolution, what works and what doesn’t in the App world and the scope of the same in Indian parlance vs abroad. This panel will bring together brands and vertical industry experts who are leveraging the Mobile Web and Mobile Apps for Service, Engagement and Commerce.

After the first panel, there will be a talk by Google’s Country Manager on how Mobile Apps are influencing the Mobile Advertising streams, creating new Business Models for Brands and Media to ride the bandwagon of Apps and Mobile Web, all the way into customers’ hearts, minds and pocketbooks.

In the afternoon session, there will be a Fireside Chat between a Telecom Industry visionary Mr N K Goyal and Vishal Singhal of CellStrat. N K Goyal is the President of CMAI and one of the foremost leaders and evangelist in Telecom and Wireless verticals in India. This session will discuss the state of Mobile Industry in India and its drivers of growth.

Later in the afternoon, there will be two more panels which will delve into App Monetization, App Marketing and what’s in store for the future Mobile Innovations. The Mobile App Strategy session will delve into the complex problem of App Marketing and Monetization strategy. The Mobile Innovation panel will discuss the impact of Mobile Web, the Rise of Tables, Broadband Mobility and related advancements in the Mobile world.

Afternoon session will also see a Keynote from a senior Executive from the top mobile company of India – Nokia. This session will provide insights into the use of Mobile Apps in the Enterprise verticals like Supply Chain and Order Management.

Overall, it promises to be an action-packed event. Partners includes Presentation Sharing Partner is authorSTREAM on which all the presentations by CellStrat, event speakers, exhibitors and partners can be found. The Mobile App Partner, Hazel Media is providing an event app for this conference. Whereas the Mobility Partner, MobiVite is providing a Mobile WAP site for the same. Thus, true to its name, info on Mobile Apps Conclave is universally available across all Mobile platforms.

Nokia Tej and AgileCO are the Gold Sponsors for this conference and it is also supported by partners like CMAI and Indian Angel Network (IAN). Media Partners include the prominent magazine Voice&Data, online media firm, and also Business Wire India as the News Distribution Partner.

Lastly, CellStrat is also organizing an interesting Mobile Solutions Expo where some innovative app companies will be exhibiting their apps and solutions. This Expo promises to dazzle the audience with some interesting apps and solutions in mobile space.

Details of the event are available at

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W3i ups ante in app discovery monetization

Image representing W3i  as depicted in CrunchBase

W3i's ad payments ups ante for monetisation

Monetisation methods multiply as firm takes on ad payment challenge 


ECMPlus – W3i has just launched a new so-called ‘Ad-Funded Payment Platform’ which it claims provides a customisable solution for developers looking for app discovery or monetization.

According to W3i, with over 300,000 apps in the App Store and virtual goods revenue projected to pass $2 billion in the US this year, the Ad-Funded Payment Platform purports to help iOS app developers achieve their discovery and monetization goals.

It said the Ad-Funded Payment Platform could provide customisable offer interfaces for publishers and intelligent reporting for developers. The product is driven by W3i’s proprietary InstallIQ software, optimised on 500 million downloads, the company said.

“The W3i Ad-Funded Payment Platform provides publishers an opportunity to monetize and drive their virtual goods transactions in a branded offer wall experience, while giving advertisers powerful insights and control into their marketing campaigns through sophisticated campaign dashboards. Users get free apps” added Andy Johnson, CEO at W3i.

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Wmode moves in on monetisation

Hey Funny Or Die, You're Blocking Your Own Content

Content: Picture: extraface

Multi-dimensional monetization affiliate commerce exchange to monetise and federate gateway for mobile value chain.


ECM Plus – Wmode’s new ACE platform builds on its existing billing and payments technologies for wireless carriers, the company said, by expanding the service offering to include mobile service providers, app providers, and content providers.

According to Wmode, organisations are able to connect together, enabling commerce between them and end-users, by providing a suite of app store functionality.

Some of the platform’s highlighted functions include: identity management, subscription management, payment processing and settlements, affiliate merchandising, analytics and reporting.

The ACE Identity Management features include federated IDs across multiple applications, a common user authentication platform, and a digital locker, Subscription Management incorporates service access control and end-user self-serve management, while Payments and Settlements focuses on settlements of transactions between multiple parties, flexible billing, eWallet, virtual currency, stored value services, and incorporating loyalty programs. The Affiliate Merchandising engine contains bundling, promotions, coupon codes, affiliate codes, dynamic business models, app discovery services, and many other techniques that enable users to find and sign up for suites of apps. Finally, Analytics and reporting includes tracking, data mining and transactional reporting of all services and applications.

Terry Hughes, head of market development at Wmode said: “Today’s app stores typically have a limited set of relationships between the store provider, the merchant and the end user; ACE enables multiple parties to connect together to integrate, bundle, price, deliver, collaborate and innovate, knowing that the complexities of payments, tracking, reporting, analytics and fulfillment are being taken care of. To deliver this, ACE leverages some of the ICT industry’s best-of-breed technologies including digital authentication, federated ID management, subscription services, advanced payment processing and settlement tools, and affiliate marketing systems.”

Wmode said ACE is targeted to help wireless carriers, app store providers, major brands, and service providers who want to monetize interconnected and complex mobile value chain.

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