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EpiServer connects up with SharePoint


På EPiSERVER-kurs (Photo credit: jonkpirateboy)

EPiServer optimises collaboration and customer experience with EPiServer Connect for SharePoint

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Content management bellwether EPiServer has just launched its new EPiServer Connect for SharePoint product, in what the company claims as being the first add-on of its kind integrating SharePoint 2013, 2010 and/or 2007 with EPiServer 7 CMS.

EpiServer said the new version enables business users to bring their SharePoint assets to the web with EPiServer Connect for SharePoint also helping marketers to use SharePoint enterprise content management and to convert internal collaboration into online marketing results, EpiServer said.

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FSF crashes Windows 8 launch with free software campaign

Activists trick-or-treat for free software at Windows 8 launch event

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /New York/ +++ Visitors to the primary Windows 8 launch event were greeted by an unexpected and uninvited visitor – a gnu.

Activists, one dressed as the free software movement’s buffalo-like mascot, converged on Microsoft’s event to distribute pamphlets about the hidden dangers of Microsoft’s latest proprietary creation. The Halloween-themed action included plastic pumpkin buckets full of DVDs loaded with Trisquel, a free software distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. Continue reading

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Good acquires Copiun in collaboration move

Copiun - Conference Bag Sponsor

Copiun acquired by Good Technology. Photo: Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Good Technology signs agreement to acquire Copiun

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ Good Technology has acquired Copiun Inc., a privately-held company specialising in secure mobile collaboration.

According to the company, Copiun’s products enable mobile users to access file shares, SharePoint or other document stores from anywhere without a VPN connection or firewall reconfiguration. Continue reading

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SharePoint gets sixth sense with DocAve for enterprise content

AvePoint at TechDays 2010 Winnipeg

Image: John Bristowe

DocAve platform extends management and governance for SharePoint 2010

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ AvePoint has just released DocAve 6 enterprise-management platform for SharePoint governance.

According to the company, new in Version are increases in business productivity, reduces total cost of ownership, and IT assurance to enable security and compliance for enterprise content. Continue reading

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WEEKEND PLUS: SharePoint Killer snuffs with hybrid ECM

Firebird (database server)

Flaming avians

Firebird-based Centric proffers on-demand enterprise content management

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Centric ECM has become the first software provider to offer what it calls businessw-class Enterprise Content Management as ‘a true hybrid’ solution and alternative to SharePoint.

According to the company, Centric ECM uses an open-source Firebird database with a WCF based server connection to provide an alternative to expensive ECM software “such as those offered by Microsoft, Autonomy and Open Text” the company said. Continue reading

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Sixth amendment sees new governance platform for DocAve

AvePoint draw

DocAve 6 now proffers governance features. Image: Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen

AvePoint intros DocAve 6 enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance

By ECM Plus

ECM Plus +++ AvePoint has just released a public beta of its new DocAve 6, which it claims is now an enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance.

According to the company, this sixth version of DocAve enables security and compliance for enterprise content. Continue reading

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DataStoreDSX ups the ante in ECM fray

ECM Plus - The Voice of Content -

Enterprise content and compliance controls relentless growth of content

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Enterprise content, risk and compliance management software vendor Hitec has just launched DataStoreDSX enterprise content management platform. Continue reading

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United We Stand: Doc storage for intranet knowledge gets smarter


United we stand. Image: Clearly Ambiguous

Unifying document storage promises to transform intranets into single search point for organisational knowledge base with new SharePoint Connector

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Altrincham-based intranet specialist Interact has just taken the wraps off its latest SharePoint Connector, a dual-purpose development that connects Interact Intranet to SharePoint, which the company claims will make intranets a single searchable point for organisations’ knowledge bases.  Continue reading

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GFI logs on for SharePoint support in compliance, e-discovery move

SharePoint Architecture German

SharePoint architecture

EventsManager 2011 with LOGbinder SP proffers new log monitoring, alerting, reporting and archiving capabilities for SharePoint users

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ GFI Software has just added SharePoint logging to its existing security and compliance offerings the company has confirmed.

New features for GFI EventsManager 2011 now include a dedicated SharePoint log managementand auto-update patch management capability, which also enables IT administrators to perform specific network and data security tasks for regulatory compliance, as well as for business continuity and e-discovery requirements.  Continue reading

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Terra firma: Land grab as realtors tap ClearPeople for SharePoint, doc management

Commercial property in Carnotstr., Berlin.

Commercial property moves in on document management, SharePoint with ClearPeople

ClearPeople offers commercial property sector better document management and consulting for property transactions.

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ SharePoint document management specialist ClearPeople has a new offering for commercial property clients in the wake of recent roll-outs for Cushman Wakefield, Knight Frank and Land Securities.

According to ClearPeople, document management systems are becoming increasingly critical in property firms, due in part to rising amounts of emails and paper documents in property deals which continue to put the strain on traditional filing systems. Continue reading

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SharePoint support sees new Kofax Express 2.5 boost scan-to-archive

The CIS bar of a flatbed scanner

Scan-to-archive and SharePoint process integration

Kofax Express automated indexing and SharePoint integration added


ECM Plus +++ Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) has just released the latest version of its Kofax Express now on 2.5, scan-to-archive software package.

V2.5 now scans, indexes and exports documents for retrieval an in the new version can also automate indexing capabilities. V2.5 also boasts certification for SharePoint 2010 which, the company said, can improve the software’s ability to capture documents and data for faster processing, enhanced data quality and reduced costs.  Continue reading

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Partners collaborate for new SharePoint DMS initiative

Yay legal documents!

Documents overflowing filing cabinets. Picture: ifindkarma

Mishcon de Reya to partner with Workshare and ClearPeople for new Sharepoint DMS

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Mishcon de Reya, SharePoint integration specialists ClearPeople and document collaboration company Workshare have begun development of a collaborative document and email management system built on SharePoint 2010. Continue reading

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VOTE: Poll – Is SharePoint equipped to cope with complex line-of-business document management applications?

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Use your vote in a social media referendum!

Vote on Tim Taylor’s LinkedIn poll…

And don’t forget to check out the comments!
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DocAve proffers free 100Gb migration to SharePoint Server

Expo Hall 009 | AvePoint
AvePoint causing a hubbub. Picture: MS TechEd Europe

Transferring all content and data, all metadata and securities, from 14 legacy repositories – onto SharePoint

ECM Plus – AvePoint is to offer free licenses to migrate 100 gigabytes (GB) of data from legacy content repositories to SharePoint Server 2010 with its DocAve Migrator to new customers worldwide.

DocAve Migrator provides a fully-mapped and flexibly schedulable migration to SharePoint Server 2010 from prior SharePoint releases as well as 14 additional legacy content repositories. Continue reading

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Taming the SharePoint ‘site creation monster’

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Lo nuevo.

SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint site provisioning and governance assistant for SharePoint 2010 tames ‘site-creation monster’

ECM Plus – SharePoint Solutions has just released its new SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant (SPGA) for SharePoint 2010, an add-on which ebables administrators to control the creation, provisioning and approval of SharePoint 2010 sites whilst enabling users to select the type of site they need.

According to the company, SPGA tames the “site-creation monster” as it is helpful for companies and organisations that regularly provide SharePoint 2010 sites and need a way to empower users to create sites while ensuring that the organisation’s SharePoint 2010 standards are adhered to.

‘Users are happy because their requests are handled quickly and efficiently, and administrators are happy because order is maintained and chaos is eliminated’ said’Jeff Cate, president of SharePoint Solutions.

With SPGA, administrators set all the boundaries on the front end, including workflow for approvals. Then, when a user fills out the site request form, he or she sets into motion an automated set of processes that quickly and automatically approve, create and provision the site. Company standards and site uniformity are maintained because they are “baked” into the profile in advance.

As both a site-provisioning tool and a governance tool, SPGA allows IT professionals to: maintain the integrity of an organization’s SharePoint 2010 taxonomy; enforce governance policies. bake” exactly what is wanted into SharePoint 2010 site request profiles; provide users with an easy way to request SharePoint sites or groups of sites
Specify different site request profiles for different sites or groups of sites; automate an organization’s approval process for requesting new SharePoint sites; monitor and track site requests.

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Alterian motive updates ECM suite Version to 6.3

Alterian Content Manager logo

Alterian Content Manager. Picture adept_yho

Latest Content Manager – Corporate Edition 6.3 boasts raft of new features

ECM Plus – Alterian has launched its latest version of Corporate Edition web content management system, dubbed Content Manager.

Now available in Corporate, Professional and Enterprise flavours, Alterian boasts advanced web content management tools.

Alterian said that CMC 6.3 suite consists of enhancements to Content Manager, Web Asset Manager, Sharepoint Connector and Taxonomy and Categorization Manager.

Other features include support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (x86), as well as Windows Server 2008 (x64) environments; full support for SharePoint 2010; new permission levels to provide Page Locking and User Locking privileges to non-system administrators; editor changes including Find-and-Replace features within Source Code and changes to Javascript handling; the CMC Plug-in Installer now allows installation of Multiple Plug-ins into Multiple Sites at the same time.

Arjen van den Akker of Alterian said. “Our aim is to provide a collaborative and dynamic approach to web publication and version 6.3 is the evolution of Alterian’s product offering.”

Alterian said it had also improved a number of CMC plug-ins, which have been included in the v6.3 suite. CMC v6.3 is available from Alterian’s web content management partners.

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Knowledge management does the SharePoint shuffle

The Diagram describes the 3 main components ne...

Venn giants learn to dance

SharePoint 2010 Extension adds LOB data sources to knowledge management and social networking

ECM Plus – Layer2 has just released a new SharePoint aAdd-on that can integrate external data sources such as SQL databases, Exchange, ERP/CRM/CMS or any other LOB systems with SharePoint Knowledge Management and Social Networking features.

According to the Layer2, the newly-released SharePoint Server 2010’s now Collaborative Knowledge Management can be what it calls an ‘organizational intelligence’ in the enterprise.

Layer2 said that managed metadata can also drive navigation, discovery, relation, and re-usability of content, whereby managed metadata provides a common organisational vocabulary and can also link people to social networks.

However, there is a limitation at present. Such features are limited to SharePoint-based data only so far.

Neverrtheless, Layer2’s ‘Business Data List Connector’ integrates any LOB system of the enterprise seamlessly with SharePoint CKM and social features. The Business Data List Connector connects straight to SharePoint lists such as contacts, tasks, events or any other custom list directly to external LOB data using existing ODBC, OLEDB, .NET or specific drivers. Systems like SQL Server, Exchange, MS Office or text files, XML, EDI, Oracle, DB2, Informix, AS400, MySQL, Cache, ERP / CRM systems like MS Dynamics CRM / NAV / AX, SAP,, QuickBooks, Peachtree, HL7, Virtual Store are supported as well as general Web Services, .NET or COM+ objects.

SharePoint lists are updated automatically in background with external data changes. Write-back of modifications made in SharePoint lists to the external data sources is optionally provided, if supported by used driver. All common list features are fully available: Views, RSS newsfeeds, change notifications per email or workflows on external data changes. SharePoint Enterprise Keywords and Managed Metadata columns can be used without any restrictions to tag the list content based on taxonomies for use with knowledge management and social networking features. Additionally an Auto Tagger component provides automatic background categorisation.

Also, Knowledge Management Suite ships with auto- tagger, tag suggestions and advanced metadata navigations The Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint Server 2010 encourage knowledge workers to take advantage of the new SharePoint 2010 features by making it as easy as possible to tag content and use tags for knowledge browsing, navigation, content discovery and search. The suite consists of several components, e.g. for improved taxonomy management, content based tag suggestions, auto tagger and metadata navigation Web Parts. The Tag Navigation Web Part harvests the value of collaborative tagging by using the SharePoint 2010 managed metadata taxonomy tree directly for content discovery and navigation. The Tag Directory Web Part renders managed metadata as A-Z directory index or enterprise glossary, to alphabetically browse the corporate knowledge. The Related Content Web Part for SharePoint 2010 automatically displays related content context-based by using existing tags, for example related products or services, assigned file downloads, context-driven contact information, tasks, events etc.

The software was develope on the new SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise Metadata Management API. In cooperation with WAND, a provider of enterprise taxonomies, Layer2 also offers pre-defined taxonomy metadata for SharePoint Server 2010, a library of taxonomies covering a wide range of domains to help jumpstart classification projects. Taxonomy metadata for SharePoint 2010 is currently available for over forty specific topics in thirteen languages.

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Getting in a lather over intranets

Ed Robinson, CEO & Founder, Aptimize Software.

Aptimize CEO Ed Robinson

Consumer brand behemoth taps Aptimize for intranet

ECMPlus – Intranet specialist Aptimize is giving Cussons a major boost with its internal communications strategy.

Cussons, which owns brands such as Imperial Leather has opted for web optimisation technology for its new global intranet project.

According to the company, the new intranet will act as a hub of corporate-wide communications and collaboration.

The homepage on its desk-based employees’ PCs is a SharePoint 2007 intranet which enables the firm to work in shared workspaces and read items from across the corporation on a range of topics, such as people, brands and corporate social responsibility.

Cussons will use Aptimize to accelerate delivery of intranet through content optimisation and compression.

Cussons said it had already achieved an immediate decrease in HTML requests and downloaded page size, more than halving the time it takes popular pages to load and a reduction of many gigabytes of network traffic per week.

Cusson’s Mark Cadwaladr said: ‘We knew the network and server environments we were using were world-class but we were still seeing ten second load times in some markets with slower connection speeds. That was not acceptable to us in terms of delivering a first rate experience to all. We wanted to make using our intranet as great an experience as we possibly could. We reached out to Application Performance to visit and perform a one day Proof of Concept using Aptimize. The results were pretty instantaneous convincing us that Aptimize could well be the solution we were looking for. Since launch the feedback has been universally positive, from senior management in the UK to employees in far-flung locations across the Group.”

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Stellar performance radiates for Brightstarr’s SharePoint

Toy Car

Interstellar overdrive? - Picture: yonmacklein

40 – 50 percent ‘out of the box’ browser speed improvement claim

ECM Plus – BY PAUL QUIGLEY — Corporate websites and intranets have become both the shop windows and the in-house magazines for many companies, highlighting their public offerings as well as illustrating their brand values internally to employees. Building these sites into compelling portals requires mastery of several fast-changing technologies, being sensitive to the culture of the site’s audience and a focus on crisp, clear communications.

UK consultancy, Brightstarr has been entrusted to develop public-facing websites and intranets by UK businesses including Mulberry, Standard Bank and Oxford University using the popular Microsoft SharePoint technology platform.

Key to Brightstarr’s success is its ability to understand the wide range of expectations of its clients. Brightstarr’s services team brings bespoke brand consultancy, web design and deep IT experience together, as required by the client, to meet its strategic communications objectives. The challenge is to translate these corporate objectives into technically-sound solutions which it can also install and host for customers if needed.

It is a busy environment delivering a new site per week. Leading the charge is Brighstarr SharePoint evangelist, Robbie Leggett, an industry veteran. He explained: “We are a pure SharePoint consultancy, with some of the best SharePoint people in the business and so our team brings a lot of technical prowess with attention to detail. Our focus is to help clients realise their communications objectives via user-centered design”

Recently the SharePoint platform has been revolutionalised by the release of SharePoint 2010, bringing important enhancements including a fluent new User Interface (UI) with excellent Web 2.0 features, better integration with back office applications and document management. The entry-level SharePoint offering, SharePoint foundation, is where many organizations begin their journey and realise the ‘quick wins’ which this powerful technology allows. However, to fully realise their objectives they require a new level of expertise – the sort Brightstarr provides.

SharePoint infrastructure consultant, Hugh Wilkinson, defines the challenge that results in so many Brightstarr consulting engagements:”Customers often start working on something and this helps them to realise how the product could work for them. As they progress though, they are often held back by a lack of planning and information architecture understanding. Apart from in-depth product expertise, one of the biggest issues facing clients is their server environments which often are adequate for the job, but are often not currently performing in the way they should.”

According to the experts at Brightstarr, most users will not spend more than five seconds browsing for the digital content they are seeking, before looking elsewhere, becoming frustrated or trying other search methods. This makes the loading speeds of SharePoint sites critical to their success.

The technical team experimented with Aptimize, firstly on their own site and then with customers. Brightstarr’s cautious approach was to try out the technology in-house before introducing it to paying clients. The results were a surprise from the start.

“Aptimize installed quickly and easily into our live SharePoint 2010 based website without any need for complex configuration. The results were much faster serving pages. Aptimize takes all the items required to load on a page and bundles them together meaning fewer round-trips from browser to sever. The net result was page load times 40 to 50% faster using Aptimize straight out-of-the-box and more is possible over time.” recalled Hugh Wilkinson.

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Open Text does the SharePoint shuffle

SharePoint 2010 icon

SharePoint opens out enterprise-wide

Open Text touts enterprise-wide SharePoint 2010 roll-out plans

ECMPlus – BY PAUL QUIGLEY — Open Text has launched a new suite of products and services for enterprises to manage large numbers of SharePoint 2010 sites.

According to the firm, the new enterprise-wide system caters for users from content creation through to archiving.

Consulting services will be led by Burntsand, which joined Open Text after a recent acquisition.

Open Text said that Burntsand brings a focus on SharePoint 2010 and enterprise content management implementation.

“The productivity and collaboration tools in SharePoint 2007 and now SharePoint 2010 have proven popular with end users, leading to faster adoption than many IT organizations are equipped to handle,” said Lubor Ptacek, Vice President of Product Marketing at Open Text.

“By combining the Open Text ECM Suite with SharePoint 2010 deployment expertise, we are in a position to help IT regain control over content in SharePoint 2010 sites, improve efficiency and put in place comprehensive governance, risk management and compliance solutions not only for the content in SharePoint 2010 sites, but for content across the enterprise.”

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Swiss solves SharePoint size through shrinkage

Mission: STS-41-B Film Type: 70mm Title: Views...

Swiss going up in the world

balesio releases FILEminimizer for SharePoint

ECMPlus – by Paul Quigley — balesio AG has released FILEminimizer SharePoint, an integrated optimizer based on its FILEminimizer technology to slash file storage volumes on SharePoint.

According to the Swiss firm, FILEminimizer SharePoint cuts down on the size of images and Office files, usually popular files shared via SharePoint, by an average of 70 percent through its content-aware, native optimization processes.

Unlike .LZ and .ZIP file compression, FILEminimizer optimisation preserves the original file format leading not only to enormous storage savings on SharePoint but also to significant performance improvement of the optimized, smaller files, balesio said.

FILEminimizer SharePoint is a plug-in for SharePoint which is centrally-monitoring the upload of files to SharePoint.

balesio said the plug-in also defines the optimisation rules and criteria to be applied and triggers the native file optimisation of uploaded files before they are stored in the SharePoint database. The optimization process itself can easily be outsourced to a dedicated server in order not to consume too much resources of the SharePoint server. The entirely transparent optimization process takes place in the normal Microsoft SharePoint workflow and is invisible to end users.

balesio CEO Daniel Bernard said: “We developed FILEminimizer SharePoint to offer SharePoint administrators a solution to significantly reduce the data volume…”

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Welcome to ECM Plus

Enterprise content management, document management, knowledge management, digital asset management, compliance, governance, rich media management, web content management, it’s all here..

ECM Plus

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