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ECM Plus welcomes Event Partners and other industry organisations wishing to partner with us as Media Partners – please feel free to contact us via the Contact page here on ECM Plus.

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Forward Features List


January: ECM Line-of-Business Series I – Digital assets
February: ECM Line-of-Business Series II – Content management
March: ECM Line-of-Business Series III – Social content

April: Cloud – Challenges for ECM
May: Security & Privacy Issues of Digital Assets
June: Compliance – do or die?
July: Web content management
August: Mobile content – how to manage it

September: Information governance
October: Managing the social media miasma
November: Content issues in SaaS, Open Source and the Cloud
December: Document management

N.B. Forward Features List is subject to change: please contact the editorial team before submitting articles for consideration.

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You are welcome to link to ECM Plus and any ECM Plus headline from your own web site. ECM Plus’ main URL is, and the headline for each story or feature is displayed in the Address Bar at the top of each item, i.e.

The ECM Plus logo to use on your web site to link to the story of your choice is any variation of the site’s main logo on the home page, cropped or resized to suit.

In summary, ECM Plus permits any web site to link to any of our content, on condition that it clearly states its source (ECM Plus) and does not include the full text of the content item on its own site. Inclusion of any link to ECM Plus signifies acceptance of these terms.

For full reproduction of news or features on company intranets/marketing brochures etc., please contact ECM Plus at info(at)ecmplus(dot)eu

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