REVIEW: Sandberg USB 2.0 Cable Amplifier

Sandberg USB Cable Amplifier

ECM Plus Tech Labs

USB 2.0 Amplifier 5 meters – Model: 133-28

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a USB device somewhere in the office or home environment only to find that when the lead is longer than fifteen feet or so, about five metres, the signal degrades to such an extent that the receiving device and the host can no longer synchronise and communicate their datastream with each other.

Though for many, this may not be a problem, for some applications, being able to use USB on long runs is vital – many studios and other sectors of industry are finding that the short runs are just too restrictive.

Enter then the very smart and timely Sandberg USB 2.0 Cable Amplifier. The amplifier is an active extension cable that boosts the signal and extends the USB connection by another 5 metres, making it possible to run your device a very respectable 10 metres away from its host. There’s nothing to it: simply connect the cable between your computer and the existing USB cable, enabling both USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and USB 1.1 Full-Speed connections to work.

The signal is amplified as soon as the cable is attached to the USB port. Our device in our test was a USB Sandberg Mini DVD Writer – the Cable Amplifer Cable worked first time and the burn to disc was flawless.

The Sandberg USB Cable Amplifier is an essential bit of kit for your accesory kit. You never know just when you might need it.




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