Encrypted web moves step closer with HTTPS Everywhere 3.0

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation backing HTTPS Everywhere 3.0 web site encryption

EFF partners boost HTTPS Everywhere 3.0, now protecting 1,500 more sites

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus /London/ +++ The Electronic Frontier Foundation has stated its long-term mission to ‘encrypt as much of the Web as possible’.

The Foudantion said it now hopes to encrypt all of it.

According to the EFF, HTTPS Everywhere, the browser extension it produces with the ‘Tor’ Project and a community of volunteers, is now used by more than 2.5 million people around the world, the EFF said.

EFF has now released version 3.0 of HTTPS Everywhere, which adds encryption protection to 1,500 more websites, twice as many as previous stable releases.

EFF said its current estimate is that HTTPS Everywhere 3 will encrypt at least 100 billion web page views in the next year, and trillions of individual HTTP requests.

The Foundation is encouraging web users to install HTTPS Everywhere to protect communications from prying eyes, as well as ‘cookies’ from identity thieves, and user reading habits from censors, the EFF said.

According to the EFF, it is now trying to ensure that HTTPS Everywhere does not interfere with the web sites it protects. But from time to time, the HTTPS versions of sites are ‘buggy’.

EFF said that if users see a page that seems to be broken because of HTTPS Everywhere, they can click on the HTTPS Everywhere icon in the toolbar and turn off rewrite rules that are affecting that web page.

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