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CoreMedia outs WCM for media and ents markets


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CoreMedia launches new Web Content Management Solution for Media and Entertainment

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ CoreMedia has launched a new software solution for the media and entertainment industries.

According to the company, CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment boasts web content management for broadcasters, publishers and media portal providers to create and deliver highly optimised and contextual experiences for their online audiences. Continue reading

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Kofax ups ante with 3.7% growth

Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish

Document behemoth grinds out progress against tough economic backdrop, sticks to acquisition plans

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ Document bellwether Kofax plc has just released it latest financial results for the quarter and six months ended December 31, 2011.

According to the company, total revenues grew by 3.7% to US$70 million, up from US$67.5 million for the previous year and for the six months up 5.2% to US$128.5 million from US$122.2 million in the previous year period. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Sandberg USB 2.0 Cable Amplifier

Sandberg USB Cable Amplifier

ECM Plus Tech Labs

USB 2.0 Amplifier 5 meters – Model: 133-28

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a USB device somewhere in the office or home environment only to find that when the lead is longer than fifteen feet or so, about five metres, the signal degrades to such an extent that the receiving device and the host can no longer synchronise and communicate their datastream with each other. Continue reading

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French TV content to air on Britain’s screens

France 24

French connection

FRANCE 24 brings daily news to nation’s FreeviewHD on the Vision TV network

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ The French government-controlled news channel FRANCE 24 is now available in all British homes with compatible FreeviewHD-enabled televisions, broadcasting on the Vision TV Network.

It can be found on Channel 110. FRANCE 24 covers international current events providing the French perspective on world news. Continue reading

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Code-breaking Colossus rebuild takes on tube challenge

Colossus was used to break German ciphers duri...



New gallery for the rebuild of Colossus, the world’s first modern computer, gets underway

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) located on Bletchley Park is creating a completely new gallery for its most famous exhibit: the rebuild of Colossus, the world’s first electronic, programmable computer. Anyone can play a part in helping to build the new gallery by sponsoring a valve on a virtual Colossus at

The new TNMOC gallery in historic Block H is on the spot where Colossus No 9 stood during the war and where the rebuild took place. Continue reading

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HARDWARE REVIEW: Sandberg SPDIF Digital Audio Cable

Sabdberg SP/DIF digital audio cable

Digital sound just got that little bit clearer via ‘Lux Line’

Model: Sandberg SP/DIF digital cable – 504-24: Digital audio, music, primarily is a very subjective thing. Some people have ears like bats, others have cloth ears. From those who can hear a pin drop to those who are atonal as a lump of mud, the world is full of variance .

And so to review and, ostensibly, identical piece of wire is not a task for the faint-hearted. Continue reading

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New muzak model is music to the ears of British retailers

English: Stratford Shopping Centre.

EngIish shopping centre in Stratford

Licence-free background music service MusicStream claims millions in saving for retailers

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ MusicStream, a royalty-free music operator has just launches a new service which boasts to be an exclusively rights-free digital background music service.

According to the company, the music and management control features have been designed specifically for retail, leisure and hospitality business use. Continue reading

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Sandberg Mini DVD Burner 133-66

Model 133-66 – Portable storage and media creation takes to the road

By ECM Plus Tech Labs

Sandberg’s DVD Writer is a small, portable USB 2.0 device that is powered via the 5v supply from the Universal Serial Bus data channel, and only requires a standard USB data cable to operate.

The drive is slim and attractive, about the same dimension as a laotop’ in-built CD/DVD drive, and comes plug-and-play ready to roll. Continue reading

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