DOCUSOAP: Get Britain Out Of The EU

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Massive petition document handed in to Downing Street

ECM Plus – It may come as some surprise to UK subjects that when petitions are handed in at Downing Street on a range of issues, that these documents are not filed in the circular bin in the back office, nor are they sent for analysis at some arcane centre for boffins who like to actually read the names on the documents.

Rather, they are sent to the British Library for posterity, even though many if not all of the petitions are mere expressions of support or disdain for key issues of the day, whether it be fox-hunting, immigration, union pay and conditions or indeed, continuing membership of the European Union.

Just so then this week, where a document with 373,000 signatures was handed in to the coalition government officers at Downing Street – in a document as tall as the policeman standing to attention outside.

The petition to quit the European superstate had been organised by the Daily Express newspaper under the title ‘Get Britain Out Of The EU’ in the wake of the announcement of the lacklustre referendum to be staged in May for the tantamount to useless Alternate Voting, or AV, voting system – which some hoped would replace the antiquated ‘first past the post’ method used since time immemorial.

Critics of the AV referendum are calling now for the referendum date to be used instead for the more fundamental demand of British subjects, that the country withdraw from the Brussels centralised authority as many are critical of the whole project when Britons were led to believe it was solely an economic, free trade area – not a political union with domestic laws made in Brussels.

So the document handed in the size of a copper and with nearly a third of a million signatures on it will soon be winging its way into the history books as the biggest ever document with the largest number of signatures on for a single issue – to get Britain out of the EU.

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