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Renewal of smartphone jailbreaking and video remixing rights

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60

Jailbreaking now ok for ‘smart’ phones

Copyright Office Announces Exemptions to Mitigate DMCA Harms

San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation has won renewal of critical exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in a new ruling, including the upholding of jailbreaking rights for smartphones – and new and expanded legal protections for video remixing. Continue reading


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Survey finds BYOD trend ‘counter-intuitive’

English: Advent Vega Tablet PC

IT departments prompting enterprise BYOD adoption, driving tablet use and emergence of ‘three-screen reality’


ECM Plus /London/ +++ According to a new research survey by open source software organisation Alfresco, mobile and tablet adoption is being led – not by users – but by IT departments.

Aflresco said this ‘proves counterintuitive’ to the general perception of the “consumerization of IT” trend that resourceful and driven employees bring consumer technology into the workplace, sneaking under the radars of unwitting IT departments that are resistant to change. Continue reading

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New muzak model is music to the ears of British retailers

English: Stratford Shopping Centre.

EngIish shopping centre in Stratford

Licence-free background music service MusicStream claims millions in saving for retailers

By ECM Plus Staff

ECM Plus +++ MusicStream, a royalty-free music operator has just launches a new service which boasts to be an exclusively rights-free digital background music service.

According to the company, the music and management control features have been designed specifically for retail, leisure and hospitality business use. Continue reading

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IBC 2011: AV watermarking measurement set to probe audiences

An image with visible digital watermarking. Th...

Media watermarking

Axon and Civolution launch broadcast watermarking 

By ECM Plus staff

ECM Plus +++ Civolution watermarking technology added to AXON’s Synapse product line to open new potential in audience measurement and media interaction

Dutch AV firm Axon Digital Design has just partnered with Civolution in a deal to that the two firms hope will integrate digital watermarking for audience measurement. Continue reading

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IBC 2011 PREVIEW: Content recommendation becoming a big turn on

ThinkAnalytics - content recommendation and targeting advertising - ECM Plus -

People switching on to content recommendations – ThinkAnalytics


ECM Plus +++ Over the past year, ten major operators have switched on to using the ThinkAnalytics Content Recommendations Engine, the company said.

According to ThinkAnalytics, customers, including BSkyB and Virgin Media, have chosen ThinkAnalytics for personalised viewing with the roll-out of ThinkAnalytics’ complete recommendations engine. Continue reading

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